Tune Up in PA 

Date & Time:
November 18, 2017 --  7:45am - 3:30 pm
Number Of Teams:

2017 Hydro-Dynamics
Event Results
Note: See Q&A below...

Hydro-Dynamics Perfect to give to parents to have them come join us.

Scoring: At our competition we select the average of the top 3 scores of each team as their final score. Since we run 5 competition rounds this allows teams to have 2 bad runs and still be able to win. Yeah you! (We want you to have fun!!!)
2017 Competition Schedule_FINAL_v111517
We had 3 teams in the E and F Modules drop. These were all from the same playing field. As a result we had to move a few teams that were not related to other teams (not from the same organization sharing resources). These were moved out to the E and F Modules. As a result a few fields will be missing 1 team instead of 1 field missing 3. These missing teams are marked as "No Show" on the schedule. Please direct all questions Frank Larkin.

This PDF contains the schedule. As soon as you see you team's number the next 7 pages will have your schedule.  Please verify this is correct!!!!

Example: Team 1165, MHS Hawks are in room 106. At 9:00 AM the Group 1, Robot Judges show up in their room. The other team in that room 1166 MFS Foxes should be out practicing.

We have scheduled the rooms so that the "other" team in that same room should be somewhere else , scheduled to be free or practicing. We do not schedule the judges in the room at the same time. The "other" team MUST be out of the room well before the judges arrive. 

When creating the schedule we try to serve many masters.
It may seem a little random but we try to make it so that teams coming from far away can be a little late and not miss any judging, or we need to group teams that are giving presentations and those that are not. We also try to make it so judges don't have to sprint very far. 

IMPORTANT: Please look for conflicts. You and the other team in your room should never be scheduled for judging or  presentation at the same time. Report any conflicts to Frank Larkin. Also the field that you practice on will be the same field that you play on all day long.

2017 Competition Document (as of 11/12/2017)
(Describes the entire day. Please read and print a copy)

2017 FIRST Score Sheet  (PDF)

It is suggested that you print out several of these for your own use. We will not have copies availabe for you at the competition as was use an APP to calculates the scores. 

What To Bring to Table CheckList!!!! (PDF) (XLSX)
Note: Please review and get back to Frank Larkin (pafwl@aol.com) with any issues.

Excel.xlsx spread sheet is provided in case you want to add stuff

This is a check list of the items your team needs to bring to the table every time you come out to the competition tables including in the morning practices sessions. We are sorry have to do this but we absolutely need to do this to keep the competition moving along as fast as possible. 

We have Team Lunch Pre-Order doc available. These were emailed to you but if you did not see it you can use this. This will allow your team to order lunch and avoid the rush. Please use this service as it will help you and us.

Lansdale Catholic High School Map
This PDF includes the room numbers for your pits.

Questions and Answers
Q: Do we have to have a project to compete?
A: Unlike the "official events rules" you DO NOT need to have a project. If you do we will be glad to judge and give feedback in our score sheets.

Q: Are you considered a state qualifier?
A: We ARE NOT a state qualifier! We want you to come, try your design, learn, challenge yourselves, line dance and most importantly have fun.

Q: What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?