FLL Tune Up In PA

"Hydro Dynamics" Tune Up In PA

Saturday, November 18, 2017 -- 7:45 - 3:30 pm Lansdale Catholic High School, Lansdale PA Contact: Anne Larkin -- paanne0204@aol.com

Scoring: At our competition, we select the average of the top 3 scores of each team as their final score. Since we run 5 competition rounds this allows teams to have 2 bad runs and still be able to win. Yeah, you! (We want you to have fun!!!) 2016 Competition Schedule (version 1116, updated 11/16/2016) The Competition Schedule PDF contains the schedule. Your team will be listed with your room. You should always be scheduled on the same field for the morning practice and the afternoon competition rounds. You and another team in your room should not have judging going on at the same time in your room. Please verify this is correct!!!! When judging is happening the other team must be out of the room. There are 45 teams this year so we will have open slots for you to get additional rounds. These will not count but will give you more practice.
Example: Team 355, Robo-Briz is in room 202 and they are giving a presentation. When you are giving the presentation or being judged in the first round the other team in the room should be scheduled to be free or practicing. We do not schedule the judges in the room at the same time.
When creating the schedule we try to serve many masters. It may seem a little random but we try to make it so that teams coming from far away can be a little late and not miss any judging, or we need to group teams that are giving presentations and those that are not. We also try to make it so judges don't have to sprint very far. IMPORTANT: Please look for conflicts. You and the other team in your room should never be scheduled for a presentation at the same time. Report any conflicts immediately to Frank Larkin.  
Other Competition Documents:
2016 Competition Document (Describes the entire day. Please read and print a copy)
2016 Score Sheet
Important Note: This is provided by Tech Bricks. It is not a super official sheet. Please review and comment on accuracy. Please print a few of these and bring with you if you wan to record your success on the field. We will not provide these. 
What to bring to the Table Check List PDF.  Also as Excel Sheet, so you can add your own stuff. This is a check list of the items your team needs to bring to the table every time you come out to the competition tables including in the morning practices sessions. We are sorry to have to do this but we absolutely need to do this to keep the competition moving along as fast as possible. Please check this list out and send any comments if there may be a problem or the counts are incorrect.
Please download the Lunch Pre-Order Form.  Pre-orders are due Thursday November 16, by 7 pm prior to the event. Please email your pre-order sheet to fll@lansdalecatholic.com.
Lansdale Catholic High School Map This PDF includes the room numbers for your pits.  
Questions and Answers Q: Do we have to have a project to compete? A: Unlike the "official events rules" you DO NOT need to have a project. If you do we will be glad to judge and give feedback in our score sheets. Q: Are you considered a state qualifier? A: We ARE NOT a state qualifier! We want you to come, try your design, learn, challenge yourselves, line dance and most importantly have fun. Q: What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

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