Lansdale Catholic Cyber Crusaders - FRC 272 FIRST Bootcamp

We will find a way or make one.

Comcast NBCUniversal and Lansdale Catholic Cyber Crusaders are pleased to announce our yearly Bootcamp Seminar for upcoming 2018 Season. Comcast is looking to help MAR teams and especially rookie team members get up to speed all aspects of FRC. We also encourage teams to help others by showing them what has worked for them in the past years. We are always looking for speakers on different topics. Tell us what worked for you.

Due to space limitations only 10 team students and up to 3 mentors. At least 1 mentor is required. All members MUST pre-register for them to be allowed to attend the software seminars. Walk-ups are not going to be admited as all MUST be pre-registered.

Archive of past presentations, code examples, and LC Robot code

Date: Sunday, Dec. 10, 2017
Time: (changed) 10:00am - 3:00pm (doors open at 9:30)

  Comcast Center
  1701 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
  Philadelphia PA

On site Instructions:
  1) Enter into main lobby. Arrive early and watch the Holiday show.
  2) Approach Security desk when ready. LC team representatives will be there to help.
  3) You MUST have a photo id, drivers license or school id.
  4) You will escorted up to Comcast University on the 42nd floor.

Mass Transit:
Take SEPTA commuter line into Suburban Station. Easy walk to Comcast Lobby.

PATCO- High Speed Line Service between Lindenwold, New Jersey and Philadelphia (stops at 15th and Locust).

NJT Buses: New Jersey transit operates 19 bus lines into Philadelphia. Most NJ Transit buses that serve Philly are numbered in the 400's and operate along Market, Broad and Vine streets.

There is a pay parking all over Center City. (see map below)

Space is currently limited to 10 students and 3 mentors per team. You must have at least 1 adult mentor stay with any students. We cannot admit students without a team mentor.

2017 FIRST Bootcamp Agenda

Birds Of A Feather (BOF) sessions are for mentors only!!!

TimeRoom(s)Presenter TitleDescription
10:00AJason Dwyer Entrepreneurship AwardWhat you need to know...
10:00BPete Randall Robot WiringHow to do a better job.
10:00CAVAILABLE AVAILABLELet us know what do you want to discuss?
10:00KRobert Bellin / Paul Gehman Introduction to Labview
10:00LRon Rossbach Introduction To ImagingIntroductory imaging using GRIP and other basic tools.
10:00MFrank Larkin Easy Software Design for Java/C++A suggested framework for your FRC Robot.
11:00AChristine Jereb Creating Your Team's BrandLogos, Social Media, Photos, Website
11:00BPete Randall Robot Wiring (repeat)How to do a better job.
11:00JLou Orehek BOF: 2017 Lessons LearnedBOF: Lessons learned last season that are driving improvements this season.
11:00KRobert Bellin / Paul Gehman Labview advanced topics
11:00LMSean Lavery / John Cross Engineering TopicsDrivetrain motor/ratio selection, Calculation tools
12:00AJason Dwyer Student LeadershipStudents: Being a leader can be more of a challenge than you think.
12:00BNick Riccio / Eileen Larkin BOF: Making students feel welcomeBOF: Mentors Only: Do's and Don'ts in making students feel like they belong. Touch on students who are shy, under confident, LGBTQ, exchange students and physically challenged.
12:00JLou Orehek BOF: Leverage Parents/AlumniBOF: How to better leverage parents and team alumni to help with build season, off season events, fund raisers and demos.
12:00KRon Rossbach Motion Profiling and path planningOpen-source tools teams have been using over the past few years.
12:00LMJohn Cross / Panel Engineering Round TableDesign process
2:00A5401 the Fightin' Robotic Owls Safety AwardHow to present your Safety award.
2:00BFrank Larkin Mecannum Wheels (Love/Hate)How to use mecannum wheels and their good and bad points.
2:00JHannah Farrell BOF: Fundraising / Grant Writing BOF: Open discussion on the topic.
2:00KFire Birds and Robo Vikings Controller Beta Review for 2018Review the changes to the control systems for 2017
2:00LMichael Hoffberg / Mark Delgrande (272) Skunk Works ProjectsSolutions to a specific problem. Sonic Range Finder, LIDAR
2:00MEd Petrillo Using Lean Manufacturing TecniquesUsing lean manufacturing tecniques to make the build season fun.